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New! Meet the 2014-15 Executive Committee

Mary Redman, President Erskine Padmore, 1st Vice President Andrew Brathwaite, General Secretary

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Current News: Download the 2014-15 Executive Report

2014-15 Executive Reprt

NEW! Download the minutes for last year's AGM

Read the full text of the BSTU President's TPD address, delivered on October 18 at the BWU Solidarity House.

Download the report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Administration of the Alexandra School
Waterman Commission of Inquiry into Alexandra administration
Excerpts from the Commission's Report:
"Tensions between the Principal and the BSTU and the teachers of the Alexandra School came to a head once again in November 2006, when Principal Broomes wrote a letter to certain teachers who had attended the BSTU's Teachers Professional Day activity. In his letter, the Principal threatened to mark the teachers absent from professional duty if they fail to produce documentary evidence confirming their attendance at the BSTU seminar. Strike action ended some days later when the Ministry of Education intervened once again and directed the Principal to withdraw the letter he had written to the teachers."
"On July 28th, 2010, ... the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development established an investigative team to evaluate the effectiveness of the system at the Alexandra School. The Inspection was prompted by a number of issues which arose at a series of meetings between the Principal of the Alexandra School and the President of the BSTU... The Inspection Report contained some eleven (11) recommendations, none of which have been implemented to date."


The BSTU at its Emergency General Meeting on 12th December, 2011 passed the following resolutions..." Read more...

Press Release: Background to the Current Impasse with CXC and the Alexandra School

The Alexandra School campus, St. Peter        Caribbean Examinations Council

CXC: The Union has not been informed as to whether the Ministry has done anything to correct the wrong suffered by the students at the Foundation School ... the Union will be forced to consider the avenues available to it to get this matter addressed if the Registrar does not agree to a meeting with us.... Read more...

Alexandra School: The Union has written the Chief Personnel Officer to seek an urgent meeting to resolve the untenable labour management relations at the Alexandra School.


TPD 2015 Presentation

Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation made by the Principal Personnel Officer (Ministry of Education) concerning the procedures for obtaining various types of leave (including pre-retierement leave).

Click here to read the complete Press Release re Alexandra Teacher Transfers.

Download the BSTU Press Release re teacher transfers

Following are some excerpts from the latest BSTU Press Release re the transfer of teachers to and from the Alexandra School:
Press Release Excerpts:
"First, we want to state that two of our members at Alexandra who have received letters of transfer cannot be transferred without their consent since they fall under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) negotiated by the BSTU since the early 1980's. They have not been allowed the option of consent and will therefore be returning to the Alexandra School on Monday 7th January, 2013."
"...almost the entire Management Team of the school, including the Guidance Counselor, has been removed .. the implications of this for continuity, a smooth transition process and continuation of the school culture and climate that defines each individual school will be lost. Who in Management will be left to guide and advise? This has the potential to create even greater upheaval and instability."

NEW! Academic Calendar for years 2012-13 → 2014-15

Academic Calendar for year 2011-12

Click here to download the academic calendar for the school years 2012-13 to 2014-15.


Learn about the teacher evaluation process

"A new evaluation system for teachers was designed to replace the existing Annual Reports used throughout the public service. The new system should provide timely, accurate information about schools and teaching learning strategies..." Read more...


The Social Partnership, established in 1991, has played an integral role in supporting Barbados' economic growth and stability over the past two decades. The contribution of the trade unions to the establishment and evolution of the Social Partnership is discussed in two articles, the first of which can be downloaded from here and the second one is available here.



Download your membership application form here along with its companion payment authorisation form here.


Download the Barbados Education Act (2002) here.

Are you being paid correctly? Have a look at the civil service salary scales which may be accessed here.
...and how safe is your workplace in the context of the stipulations of the Safety and Health at Work Act (2005)? The full text of this Act is available here.

Strategies for coping with the current international recession, an interesting perspective presented here, along with another viewpoint which can be read here
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