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The BSTU began its life in 1946 when the two associations - one for masters and one for mistresses - in the ten Government secondary schools in Barbados amalgamated to form the Association of Assistant Teachers in Secondary Schools. The total membership then would have been approximately 50 persons. Current membership is approximately 440. The organisation was registered as a trade union in 1949 and is the second oldest trade union in Barbados.

The name was changed to the Barbados Secondary Teachers' Union in 1970.

The BSTU has over the years negotiated improved salaries and conditions of service for teachers. Foremost among its successes include:

  • 1961: the elimination of pay differentials between male and female teachers;
  • 1976: the institution of a postgraduate In-Service Diploma in Education course at the University of the West Indies;
  • 1983: the registration of the Co-operative Credit Union;
  • 1985: the establishment of the Memorandum of Understanding for members employed before 1981;
  • 1986: the introduction of Teachers' Professional Day during what is now known as national Education Month (October);
  • 1991: became founder member of the Caribbean Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB)

The objects of the Union shall be:

  • To associate and unite the teachers of Barbados.

  • To provide members with an organisation to protect and further the welfare and interests of the teaching profession.

  • To protect the rights and dignities of both practising and retired members whenever this may be necessary.

  • To provide advice and assistance to individual members in educational and Professional matters, and in legal cases of a professional nature.

  • To initiate, promote and support measures, legislative and administrative, designed to improve the educational system of Barbados.

  • To provide members with an organisation for the expression of their views on matters relating to education.

  • To place the advice and experience of its members at the disposal of the Barbados Government, the Ministry of Education, and any other organisations whether public or private, which have relation to educational affairs.

  • To secure the solidarity and extend the influence of the teaching profession.

  • To assist, join, be affiliated with, or contribute to the funds, control and management of other organisations, whose aims and objects, whether in whole or in part, are similar to the objects of the Union.

  • To observe carefully the administration and working of all legislation pertaining to education and the teaching profession, and, when educationally desirable...

  • To maintain a high standard of qualification, and to protect and improve the status of the teaching profession, and to ensure that all posts in the Educational Service in Barbados are open to all members.
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