Question: Should I be given a personal copy of my evaluation/report form?

RESPONSE: Yes, you definitely should not sign any evaluation form or report unless two identical copies are made available to you at the same time. You should sign both, make any necessary comments on both, and then return one of the copies to the principal and keep the other for your personal records. Do NOT sign any single form or report and leave it to the discretion of anyone to provide a copy for you. The Union has made our position on this clear to the Ministry of Education and they are in agreement that a personal copy represents best practice in this circumstance; they have also agreed to a legislative change of the relevant law to reflect this.

Question:What is the salary for a graduate / trained graduate?

RESPONSE: The salary for a non-trained graduate ranges from $3 745.92 to $5029.10, depending on the number of years served in the teaching service. For trained graduates, the salary range is from $3 745.92 to $55016.06. More details concerning civil service pay scales which relate to teachers are available here